Music day at our church is always a much anticipated event among our members. And on Sabbath, 14th December 2013, it was no different. Music and praise was the centre the day; from Sabbath School in the morning through to a festive afternoon programme.

The day was entitled, ‘Bow down and worship’. However, Steve McKenzie, our divine service speaker, turned the title around and posed it as a question. Using the bible account of the three Hebrew boys, he reminded the congregation that before you bow down and worship at the sound of music (or anything else), you need to know how to stand. He reinforced the message that it is important that you are able to stand for Jesus and your faith before you bow down at the command of anyone else. The service concluded with an alter call that saw most of the church, visitors and members alike, come forward as we were called to be committed to what we believe in – especially us as Adventists living in the end of Earth’s history.

The day ended with a festive praise programme, where people from our community came to church and sang traditional and contemporary carols with our members. ‘They were invited through literature and word of mouth, as part of our ongoing evangelism programme and they were more receptive to the message of Christ on this occasion, simply due to the festive season. What better way to take advantage of it?’

We had many visitors come to church, but more specifically, we had more than 15 non-Adventists come for our festive programme, mainly as a result of leaflets put through their doors. It was especially good to see our neighbours attend that actually live on the same road as the church. Our members will follow up all who came, as contacts details were given during conversations with them and details filled in on our evaluation forms. Some expressed an interest to come again for other church services. Praise the Lord! It truly was a blessing to share with our neighbours the birth, resurrection and good news of Jesus Christ, through singing and music.

In Peckham SDA Church we have God-given talented musicians and singers, and we thank God for them. We will continue to use them to break down the barriers that exist in community, as is our mission given to take the gospel to the world.