The Star Wars money machines march on! Consider the back-and-forth titles: “Revenge of the Sith” assumes that the Sith were greatly inconvenienced in the previous movie. “A New Hope” indicates that those who initially irritated the Sith are getting revenge on the Sith’s revenge. “The Empire Strikes Back” tells us that the Empire is getting revenge on those who got revenge on the Sith’s revenge. “The Return of the Jedi” well, you get the idea. In this week’s lesson we see the same back-and-forth conflict illustrated in the storyline of Israel: Egypt enslaved them; God rescued them from Egypt; they fell captive to Babylon; God rescued them again through Esther and raised up Nehemiah to bring them home. The whole ongoing saga of the Great Controversy is a steady stream of victories and blunders by God’s people against the forces of darkness. The good news is that we know that the Great Controversy saga will come to its climax someday. Jesus has already won the war between the forces of good and evil.